How to convert a YouTube video to mp3

YouTube is a popular social networking website. It is popular as a video sharing site where members can upload any video they like provided they conform to regulations provided on the site. Millions upon millions of users around the world log onto YouTube everyday to view fresh content and to share videos with their friends. Some videos become very popular and receive plenty of hits.

Many up and coming as well as seasoned music artists normally share their music videos from time to time. This helps them get their music out to the public and fans get to learn of their latest videos and albums. Now YouTube users are able to convert the music videos, or any other videos on YouTube to MP3. By using the website on users will find a free service that will easily and quickly convert any YouTube video to MP3.

There are a number of benefits for converting video to MP3. For starters, YouTube videos cannot be downloaded. They can only be viewed from the site. If there is some great content on YouTube, it can only be enjoyed at the site. If a user wants to enjoy this content away from the site, they will have to convert it to MP3 format. An MP3 file can be enjoyed away from the site at any time the users wishes to listen to it.

Converting video to MP3 will enable the audio from the video to be shared away from the site. While most content is shared on the site and cannot be downloaded, people without access to the website can get to enjoy its content via MP3. The music videos can be converted to ring tones for the telephone. If there is really great YouTube content such as music or any other video, it can easily be converted into an MP3 file. MP3 files can be used as ring tones on mobile phones. Having such cool and exciting ring tones on a mobile phone is very impressive.

It is easier to share files with friends. An uploaded video available on YouTube can easily be shared with friends via media players such as flash players, MP3players, portable players and others. It is not easy to share YouTube videos therefore video to MP3 conversion will definitely come in handy. Using the features on the website is quite easy and simple. Any regular Internet user will easily be able to convert their favorite YouTube videos to MP3 files.

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