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Benefits of Adult Piano Learning

Benefits of Adult Piano Learning

Learning piano is something many people believe to be a thing for young children at school. On the contrary, learning to play the piano is for all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already 40 or 60. As long as you have the desire to learn it and enjoy making music, then it is definitely the right time to take lessons. Moreover, piano learning is even more beneficial if you do it when you gave reached maturity. Your piano teacher will even thank you for it as there will be no screaming and kicking during lessons.

Too often, we see kids being dragged to their piano lessons by their parents. Screaming, kicking and throwing are extreme behaviors, but you get what I mean. This is because not all kids are excited to go to their piano lessons and would prefer to play games at home. With adults, piano lessons run smoothly and the students are more determined to attend the lessons and go home only after they have learned something.

For adults, learning piano is a challenge that they are willing to take and are determined to conquer. With highly developed logical and critical skills, you have the ability to grasp concepts readily and learn at a fast pace. The 30-minute sessions become a productive time where you understand concepts and develop new skills.

The ability to concentrate on the lessons is an advantage for adults. With greater concentration, you can practice playing for hours until you have mastered a piece. Moreover, you can focus on your piano teacher during lessons and learn concepts deeply.

Learning to read music is a fairly easy task for adults than for kids. Adults already know how to read fluently, thus the letters and numbers on the music scale is not that difficult to understand. Besides being able to read music rather easily, adults can study on their own, whether about reading notes or about music theories and concepts, which are also important aspects of piano learning.

Overall, it is more beneficial to learn piano when you are already mature. You will understand the lessons readily and learn skills faster. Moreover, it will be a pleasurable experience for you and your piano teacher as there will be less distraction and opposition. Once you have decided on your own to take piano lessons, then no one can stop you from doing it. Moreover, your determination will propel you to complete the course as well as become a successful musician.

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How to Make Money on the Internet with Music

How to Make Money on the Internet with Music


If you’re a music composer and looking to make money, there are tons of ways to make money on the internet from Fiver to selling your own music on ITunes.  Many music composers these days don’t make very much money.  Many play gigs around their town and make next to nothing when with a little effort, they could be making a lot of money on the internet.

One way to make money with music on the internet is Fiverr.  Many music composers often compose customized songs for others using Fiverr.  Some songs and song clips can be made in less than 10 minutes.  If you’re a good singer, some people will have you sing Happy Birthday for their friends and significant others.  If you generate a lot of volume, you can easily make a lot of money with fiverr.

If you’re a music composer that has already recorded your own music, try uploading it onto Itunes.  If you try this approach, you will still need to get your music noticed somehow.  Many can get noticed on ITunes by creating IMixes and other free methods but some take a little bit of time. Some people take the YouTube approach and put their music out there for free and try to advertise it to get noticed.  You can also upload your music to many sites for new, independent artists to get noticed.

If you’re successful, you can sell a lot of music on ITunes and some even end up getting signed with record companies if they generate enough sales through Itunes.


Download Free MP3 Websites for Free Music Downloads

Download Free MP3 Websites for Free Music Downloads


There are many download free MP3 websites out there for free music downloads, some legal and some illegal.  It’s up to you if you want to risk getting in trouble for downloading or not.  The legal websites usually are able to allow free downloads because they are able to pay for the mp3’s through advertising in some way or gaining a membership to their website.

If you’re sick of all of the new songs that are played over and over, some legal sights offer nothing but unsigned artist so they can get their music out there and get noticed.  There are legal sites that provide music from bands that are O.K. with people downloading their music. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of bands that allow this.  When it comes to the illegal sites, most of the sites have most popular songs available but you are risking getting in legal trouble if you are caught.  There are so many people out there that have illegally downloaded music that the government can’t arrest them all but you still hear of cases where the government makes examples out of people. Some of the illegal sites also don’t last very long because the government shuts them down.  But if you’re alright with risking it, you are almost guaranteed to find any song you’re looking for quickly.

Indie music has a long and respected history in the music industry

Indie music has a long and respected history in the music industry. While other types of bands are trampling over themselves trying to score big record deals with the head honchos, Indie music bands prefer a more autonomous, laid back and less glamorous disposition. Indie pop or rock music dates back to the 1960’s when the first authentic Indie artists combined rock, pop and a small amount of R & B musicals sounds to create the much loved and admire Indie music as we know it today.

Indie pop’s name says it all, as it derived from the term `independence’ and the musicians that performed it were just that. Indie bands consisted of members that wanted to make a certain kind of music, put out by smaller labels and were afford creative expression that was usually doused in traditional music.

The 1960’s were a desperate and erratic time, with the war pending and many people were seeking love, peace and sanctity. Indie music was derived as a way to call out to all people and encourage them to love one another in a time of uncertainty. For the most part, it was successful as millions around the globe embraced the sultry and honest lyrics that usually had some kind of message about anti-war, loving your neighbor and all around feel good nuances.

One of the first Indie bands that got much acclaim was Velvet Underground. For the true Indie musician, record sales are not the pivotal focal point, and no one knew that better than this groundbreaking band, which was once managed by the late and great Andy Warhol. Those their commercial success was nothing to be impressed with by today’s standards, Velvet Underground was fearless and broke many terrains in the music industry; their first album was cited as being the most prolific ever recorded by Rolling Stones magazine in 1967.

Throughout the years, as with other genres, Indie pop music say a mirage of changes in tone, style and management, but never lost complete sight of what it set out to do which was to united true music fans with music that incorporated important (and most times political) messages, that pushed the boundaries and was ever evolving.

The 80’s were much happier times and brought about more new aged Indie bands. Until the 80’s Indie pop was centralized in the United Kingdom, with few records breaking into the U.S. This was all to be changed as bands such as The Smiths and Orange Juice brought forth a whole new wave of alternative and radical tunes for U.S. citizens to enjoy.

Indie rock still held true to its original roots from its for founders but also split off into sub-genres like grunge, lo-fi and many bands had a more pop sound than Indie’s original rock and grassroots sounds. Much of the Americanized Indie pop music was based on premises and styles of the British band The Smiths.

The Smiths were created in 1982 in Manchester, England who signed with a small label, Rough Trade Records. Its members were: vocalist Steven Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. Together these four were hailed the most influential and important Indie band of the time and from them future bands would take the reins and also make stark contributions to the Indie pop music scene.

The Smiths never had a hit single that broke the Top Ten on British or American music charts, and their commercial success was unimpressive by traditional standards, however they made great strides in political messages that other bands wouldn’t touch such as on their Album, “Meat is Murder” which warned people about the dangers of meat and animal cruelty and chastising the Thatcher governmental policies. The band broke up in 1987, and though many rumors surfaced in the next decades, the band members simply couldn’t get past solvent issues. Other bands however owe a lot to The Smiths, as the 1990’s forged ahead with a plethora of Indie and grunge greats.

Orange Juice released their first record in 1981 under the guidance of Postcard Records and although the band and its success was short lived, they were one of the first bands to incorporate a synthesizer in their songs and were also the first to utilize a Roland TB-303; a bass synthesizer that added the electric sequencing to the bass guitar sounds. Subsequently, future disc jockeys and other musicians latched on to the richness of the synthesizer and it became a staple in record and music production for decades to come.

The Josef K Band was also a Scottish Indie pop band that made headway, though their sounds included more punk band attributes than Indie style. Josef K was formed by singer/guitarist Paul Haig, drummer Ronnie Torrance and keyboardist Malcolm Ross.

Like Orange Juice, they were placed on Postcard Records after the release of their first single in 1979 and released their first full album in 1981. The band was displeased with this album and thus it was soon taken off the market, selling only a few copies. Later years would hail more successful albums as cult fans latched on to their funky style that also infused some disco. Also cited as one of the most influential bands of all time, Indie musicians today still play covers of Josef K.

Even today and within the last decade thousands of Indie pop bands take refuge in what their predecessors laid the ground work for and fans can still reminisce in these former bands styles when they list to current bands like Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective and individual artists such as Ryan Adams.

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How to convert a YouTube video to mp3

YouTube is a popular social networking website. It is popular as a video sharing site where members can upload any video they like provided they conform to regulations provided on the site. Millions upon millions of users around the world log onto YouTube everyday to view fresh content and to share videos with their friends. Some videos become very popular and receive plenty of hits.

Many up and coming as well as seasoned music artists normally share their music videos from time to time. This helps them get their music out to the public and fans get to learn of their latest videos and albums. Now YouTube users are able to convert the music videos, or any other videos on YouTube to MP3. By using the website on users will find a free service that will easily and quickly convert any YouTube video to MP3.

There are a number of benefits for converting video to MP3. For starters, YouTube videos cannot be downloaded. They can only be viewed from the site. If there is some great content on YouTube, it can only be enjoyed at the site. If a user wants to enjoy this content away from the site, they will have to convert it to MP3 format. An MP3 file can be enjoyed away from the site at any time the users wishes to listen to it.

Converting video to MP3 will enable the audio from the video to be shared away from the site. While most content is shared on the site and cannot be downloaded, people without access to the website can get to enjoy its content via MP3. The music videos can be converted to ring tones for the telephone. If there is really great YouTube content such as music or any other video, it can easily be converted into an MP3 file. MP3 files can be used as ring tones on mobile phones. Having such cool and exciting ring tones on a mobile phone is very impressive.

It is easier to share files with friends. An uploaded video available on YouTube can easily be shared with friends via media players such as flash players, MP3players, portable players and others. It is not easy to share YouTube videos therefore video to MP3 conversion will definitely come in handy. Using the features on the website is quite easy and simple. Any regular Internet user will easily be able to convert their favorite YouTube videos to MP3 files.

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