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Sell Your Old Music to Buy New Music

Sell Your Old Music to Buy New Music

If you are a real music fan, you will probably buy your music in several formats. Downloading a copy to listen to on the subway is OK. However, there really is no substitute to handling vinyl or looking at a row of CDs, selecting one, and putting it in the player. Maybe reading the lyrics whilst your favourite track is playing.

Downloaded music is great, but many true music lovers are hooked on physical music too. For even modern DJs, there is no substitute for vinyl.

Sadly, there is a problem and that is money. Owning multiple copies of a piece of music works out expensive. Even if you buy most of your records and CDs second hand, it still costs.

Storage is Not the Answer to the Space Problem

In addition, of course an extensive vinyl or CD collection takes up a lot of space. Spare space is something that is also at a premium in most homes.

Sure, you can put some of your music collection in storage, but really, what is the point of that? Most people who do it find that they never touch it again, and some feel guilty every time the storage bill has to be paid. After all that music could be being appreciated by someone else instead of just gathering dust.

The best solution is to sell the music you do not listen to anymore to someone else. They will enjoy it and you can raise some cash to buy new music.

Selling the Old Fashioned Way is a Hassle

However, that can take time, cost money, and be a real hassle. Selling your stuff at a rummage sell or holding a garage sale is a pain.

Posting each CD or record on eBay or another auction site takes time, costs and you never know if you are going to actually sell it or not. Then you have to go to the hassle of sending it off, hoping it arrives OK and that you are paid. Unsurprisingly, many people just can’t be bothered, no matter how tight money is.

A New Way to Do It

Fortunately, there is now another way to do it and that is to sell your unwanted CDs via They are a company that has been successfully operating in Germany and the UK for some time now. A fact that means that you know the service they provide works and that they will pay reliably.

How to sell on musicMagpie

The selling process is extremely easy, you know immediately how much they will pay you for each CD and they pay the cost of shipping as well. All you need to do is to take an unwanted CD visit their site and key the barcode into their site. If you have a webcam, you can scan the barcode in using that. Alternatively, if you prefer, download their Smartphone App and use their service on your phone.

Once the barcode is in, they check their database and tell you how much they will pay you for that particular CD. You can go through your whole music collection find out how much each CD is worth and decide whether to sell it or not.

You simply tell, which CDs you want to sell, wrap them up and send them to them using the pre-paid shipping label they provide. When they get your parcel, they check the contents are in good condition, are as described and are original CDs and send you a check for you to cash.

You can sell them your unwanted BluRay discs, DVDs and video games in the same way. In no time, at all, you will have the cash in your bank to buy any new music you fancy, in whatever format you want.

Get Free Music Taking Surveys

Get Free Music Taking Surveys

If you’re a music lover but don’t have the money to download all of your favorite songs, consider taking surveys in your spare time and get free music downloads.  Most survey sites reward you for your honest opinions that you provide.  Some survey sites will pay you cash while some give you other things like magazine subscriptions, music downloads, merchant gift codes, and charitable donations.

Survey companies usually work for market research companies that need information about a certain product, trend, brand, company, etc.  If you were to come out with a new clothing line but don’t know what type of customer likes your clothes, you would hire a market research company that would probably release a survey online to see what type of person knows about and purchases your clothes allowing you to cater more to their needs and even expand your customer base.  Survey sites reward their members for their honest and useful opinions because without a reward, nobody would probably take the survey.

If you’re looking to get paid to take surveys so you can buy more music or get free downloads, look online for these types of sites.  Most surveys pay pretty decent and don’t take very long so you can take surveys in your spare time or if you‘re bored.