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How to Make Money on the Internet with Music

How to Make Money on the Internet with Music


If you’re a music composer and looking to make money, there are tons of ways to make money on the internet from Fiver to selling your own music on ITunes.  Many music composers these days don’t make very much money.  Many play gigs around their town and make next to nothing when with a little effort, they could be making a lot of money on the internet.

One way to make money with music on the internet is Fiverr.  Many music composers often compose customized songs for others using Fiverr.  Some songs and song clips can be made in less than 10 minutes.  If you’re a good singer, some people will have you sing Happy Birthday for their friends and significant others.  If you generate a lot of volume, you can easily make a lot of money with fiverr.

If you’re a music composer that has already recorded your own music, try uploading it onto Itunes.  If you try this approach, you will still need to get your music noticed somehow.  Many can get noticed on ITunes by creating IMixes and other free methods but some take a little bit of time. Some people take the YouTube approach and put their music out there for free and try to advertise it to get noticed.  You can also upload your music to many sites for new, independent artists to get noticed.

If you’re successful, you can sell a lot of music on ITunes and some even end up getting signed with record companies if they generate enough sales through Itunes.